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To facilitate further education about business opportunities within the metaverse, we have set up eight spaces to act as our pillars of foundation. Ticketing and further details are set out below:

(Network & Computing)

As the metaverse grows to become more prominent, robust computing and processing infrastructure is required to support big data flows and low latency.

(Interface & Hardware)

Focusing on hardware devices that allow people to experience the metaverse, this topic encompasses connected devices such as mobile phones and PCs to emerging technologies designed to enhance immersion in digital environments.

Virtualization Tools

Ranging from software development kits and game engines to 3D scanning technologies, virtualization tools help 3D content designers construct metaverse worlds and tailor experiences.

Virtual Worlds

Coined as the term 'metaverse,' virtual worlds represent digital environments where people will congregate and exist; where such worlds will be characterized by their user-driven experiences and economies.


As the metaverse continues to evolve, so will the range of experiences available within it - and those gaining traction will enter the spotlight in the world of business through adoption of enterprise solutions that help companies strengthen their presence in 3D virtual worlds, being Metaverse-as-a-service (MaaS).

Capital, Fund & Accelerator

With the explosive emergence of metaverse as a buzzword, dive into the financial opportunities it presents in the form of capital, funds, and also accelerator programs for companies.

Economic Infrastructure

Accommodating the surge of interest surrounding business transactions for goods & products in virtual worlds, this section includes emerging technologies that allow people to buy, sell, and store goods or services in the metaverse.

Use-Cases & ESG

Explore use-cases that have been established within the metaverse and take a look at the abundance of opportunities that exist in relation to ESG matters.

For the Asia Metaverse Expo visitors, you can experience and learn about


M = Metaverse: The current status and growing trends inside the Metaverse 
E = Ecosystem: Its ecosystem and major players within.
T = Technology: The major tech domains involved.
A = Asia: Asian companies building their business strategies around the Metaverse 
V = VR / AR / XR: Technologies that improve immersive experiences.
E = Economy: What is Metaverse Economy? How will it influence our future? 
R = Role: RPG and Avatars roles and opportunities within the virtual space.
S = Skills: The essential skill required to thrive in the metaverse.
E = Evolution: The evolution of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0.

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