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About Metaverse Asia EXPO 2022

Metaverse Opportunities and the Future


Dr. Kyle Wong
Association of Blockchain Development

In the Asia Metaverse Expo, we want to educate the public 

*  The current status of the Metaverse

*  The growing trends

*  The business opportunities

*  The essential skill sets

*  How many Asian companies already build their business around Metaverse

*  Major Players

*  The major Tech domains involved in the Metaverse

*  Why Metaverse is one of the  most disruptive technologies in the 21st century?

*  How can we participate in the Metaverse?”

Dr. Amanda Lim
Association of Blockchain Development

What is Metaverse Economy?

What can we learn from the Metaverse Asia Expo?

Hosting the first Metaverse Asia Expo in October, we have invited corporates, start-ups, funds, governments, executives, educators, and industry elites to gather and discuss Metaverse opportunities and use cases. Avatars can meet, network, and learn together. They can even teleport from one Metaverse expo space to another in seconds!

What are the technologies that bring our real world closer to our virtual world? How should one prepare for a better and more fun metaverse future? Hear what Dr. Amanda's avatar has to say and let’s join the Metaverse Asia Expo together to get the answers!”  


Dr. Kate Kwan
Metaverse Chapter
Association of Blockchain Development

Metaverse cannot exist without Avatars.


Arguably, the biggest highlight of entering the metaverse is the ability to represent yourselves in any way possible through the use of an avatar. Dr. Kate Kwan dives deep into the talk of digital personas, from its ancient definition to the range of implications brought by current technologies.

A timeless songstress in real life, let’s listen to her digital twin's singing!

Mr. Cyril Yeung
Association of Blockchain Development

Welcome to the Metaverse Asia Expo 2022!

In this video brought to you by Mr. Cyril Yeung's handsome avatar, he will introduce the different thematic zones of the Expo, which are Metaverse Technology, Capital, Fund, & Accelerator, Use Cases + ESG.

Join our Expo to learn much more about the metaverse so you don't miss out on its boundless opportunities!


Mr. Eddie Suen
President, Metaverse Chapter
Association of Blockchain Development

At the Metaverse Asia Expo 2022, we drive huge awareness and business success through A-B-C-D-E-F for exhibitors in the virtual spaces:

A brings us to Awareness.

B is the new Buzzword in marketing.

C translates to Convenience.

D refers to 3D virtual booths.

E gets us to ESG.

Last and most important of all, F means Fun.

Watch the complete video to find out how engaging your target clients / prospects / business partners through gamified experiences improve overall intimacy and emotional experience!

Event Ambassador
Association of Blockchain Development

In this video, our fabulous virtual event ambassador Mia describes the sponsorship benefits of MAE2022.

Being the the First MUlti-Metaverse, Gamified & Use-Case Experience Asia Expo on Live!, sponsors will benefit from A-S-I-A E-X-P-O; where

A stands for brand Awareness.

S is for Space

I equals Innovation

A represents Advantage

E is Enjoyment

X symbolizes eXtended Reality

P brings us to Profit

Finally, it brings Opportunities.

Don’t miss out! Be a sponsor for the A-S-I-A E-X-P-O in the Metaverse ASIA EXPO 2022! See you all soon!

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