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Avatars Exhibit

Be greeted by the avatars of industry experts behind the first ever Metaverse Asia Expo, featuring delegates from various companies and associations. Our virtual event ambassador, Mia, can also be found here!

Serving as digital identities inside the metaverse, avatars are uniquely-tailored characters whose design is limited only by your imaginative capabilities. And as the metaverse continues to grow in dominance within the business industry, companies have started adopting their usage in various segments, from partially replacing the sales force to creating customer service representatives that incur only a fraction of the cost from employing people.

The concept of infinite customizability is especially endearing - and while forecasts vary, the metaverse market is expected to contain 5 billion users and generate anywhere between US$8 to US$13 trillion dollars by 2030.

Interested in capitalizing on such opportunities? Watch these videos below presented by avatars of our delegates and join our Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 to learn more on driving value creation in the metaverse!

MAE2022 - Speaker

MAE2022 - Speaker

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