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Who will join the first Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE2022)?

Who will join the first Metaverse Asia Expo (MAE2022)? Who should join MAE2022?

The revenue of materverse market was recorded USD148.5 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach USD 1,542.9 billion by 2030 with a CAGR growth rate of almost 30%, according to the research report of Prescient & Strategic Intelligence in June 2022 [1]. The great momentum of metaverse adoption causes huge rise in money investments, researches and development activities. This market trend cannot be ignored, as it is expected to grow continuously. Any company doesnot embrace metaverse will be left behind eventually.

Leaders of companies need to understand this new revolution. They need to know what the metaverse is, how the metaverse will transfer all industrial sectors, how their businesses can ride on this new trend, how they can benefit from the new ecosystem and how people are welcoming their new digital life.

Corporations and organizations which want to capture this unprecedented opportunity should join the First Mataverse Asia Expo in Oct 2022.

The First MUlti-Metaverse, Gamified & Use-Case Experience Asia Expo on Live!”

Management executives can discover what kind of digital products are sold in the metaverse and how e-commerce shops are operated in the metaverse. Manufacturers can utilize the metaverse technology to replicate their factory operation, stimulate their operation in different scenarios and optimize their results for production improvement. Property developers have already invested in the technology and entered the metaverse to develop the virtual world.

Corporations can take advantage of the metaverse for new revenue and profit opportunities and discuss with the metaverse engineers and experts for technical implementation requirements. Technical providers of the AR, VR, XR and blockchain also look for new users as well as business partners to work on the new ecosystem together!

Educational organizations should not be isolated from the metaverse community. Many young people are enjoying their second life in the metaverse. Educators are better off utilizing their unlimited creativity to produce more interesting academic contents in metaverse to attract more students and make learning more enjoyable. On the other hand, learners can leverage this wonderful opportunity to explore more use cases in the metaverse!

Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 “MAE2022” is anticipating 2,000 Metaverse visitors, over 10,000 live viewers and over 100,000 social media views! More than 10 associations are eager to co-organised and support. They are the Asia CEO Community (AsiaCEO), the Association Of Blockchain Development (ABCD), and Global Business Exchange (GBX). MAE2022 is aimed at driving the success of Metaverse ecosystem formation and initiative adoption.

AsiaCEO has over 10K executive members over 20 countries, ABCD network membership includes numerous successful technology firms, and GBX’s network consists of hundreds of successful business leaders worldwide. Besides AsiaCEO, ABCD and GBX; other GBA supporting organizations include GBA Carbon Neutrality, AAMA PRD, GF Foundation, and more.

Message from the CEO of AsiaCEO (Gary Lam)

“With member chapters worldwide across more than 20 countries and over 10,000 executive members, Asia CEO Community is a strong Asia-based organization that connects the dots between industry leaders and experts with prospective start-ups and investors, while encouraging business leaders to apply only the best business practices. As many of our members consider a shift to the Metaverse as a way to positively impact their business, supporting the MAE2022 for exploring and experiencing the best practice business use cases will be a critical mission for AsiaCEO in 2022.” - Gary Lam

Message from the President of ABCD (Dr Kyle Wong)

“According to a recent market research report published by Global Market Estimates, the Global Metaverse in Gaming Market is projected to grow from USD 36.81B in 2022 to USD 710.21B in 2027, close to 20 times growth in 5 years. Metaverse is going to transform many businesses and create new business models. Companies need to adopt the technology or all be left behind.

In the Asia Metaverse Expo we want to educate the public

* The current status of the Metaverse

* The growing trends

* The business opportunities

* The essential skill sets

* How many Asian companies already build their business around Metaverse

* Major Players

* The major Tech domains involved in the Metaverse

* Why is Metaverse one of the most disruptive technologies in the 21st century?

* How can we participate in the Metaverse?” - Dr Kyle Wong

Message from the Vice-President of ABCD (Dr Amanda Lim)

“Metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact, experience, transact and conduct business together. These Metaverse economic activities can drive production and consumption of goods and services in both virtual and real worlds.

The key technology enablers of Metaverse include AI, blockchain, AR, VR, XR, IOTs, 3D modelling, sensor, edge computing, Web 3.0, etc. The Metaverse opportunity is huge. Every company needs to develop its Metaverse strategy.

We are proud to present the First Metaverse Asia Expo in August. We have invited corporates, start-ups, funds, governments, executives, educators, and industry elites to gather in the Metaverse to discuss the Metaverse opportunities and use cases. Avatars can meet, network, and learn together. They can teleport from one Metaverse expo space to another Metaverse expo space in seconds.

What are the technologies that bring our real world closer to our virtual world? How should one prepare for a better and enjoyable Metaverse future? Let’s join the Metaverse Asia Expo together to get the answers!” - Dr Amanda Lim

Message from Message from the Founders of GBX (Winston Hui and Michael Eng)

“With a vibrant and energetic group of members spanning the globe, Global Business Exchange is an expanding organization of business and professional executives who strive for synergy among the members to achieve growth through exchanges of ideas, experiences, and best business practices. GBX conducts weekly webinars to facilitate our exchanges. Co-organizing Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 fits well with our mission. Please visit our website to get to know us more.” - Winston Hui & Michael Eng



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